Entrance Matting

StepRight® Entrance Matting is constructed from anodised heavy duty aluminium treads to provide an
attractive, safe, non-slip and easily maintained barrier between internal and external building conditions.

Rubber - Black, Grey and Red,
Carpet - Fire Red, Golden Sands, Ocean Blue, Aqua Teal and Black

- Unique construction integrates strong, heavy duty treads of aluminium and flexible rubber cushioning ribs to ensure StepRight® Matting contours to the substrate to reduce impact noise. StepRight® Matting will not dome and cause annoying drumming
- Available with alternate inserts of either rubber, carpet or a combination of the two
- StepRight® is UV stabilized, does not fray, is stain resistant and appropriate for both wet and dry applications. StepRight® Entrance matting is not affected by moisture
- Available in standard lengths for architectural specification or made to measure for existing recessed areas